Auto run unit tests when the code is recompiled

A package can be configured to watch for file changes and when something is detected, an automatic run is triggered. All folders from a package definition are watched. This means that after you will recompile your code, Korredo will automatically run the package and you will be notified at the end about the results.

This feature might be useful when you need a feedback from your tests very often and you do not want to automatically run the tests in Visual Studio for performance reasons.

To learn how to use it, watch this video:

It can be configured how the notifications are triggered for automatic runs. In the settings form, open the Notifications tab:

  • If you want to always be notified, leave the checkbox “Notify auto run packages only when tests are failing” empty
  • If you want to receive a notification only in case tests are failing, check the “Notify auto run packages only when tests are failing”


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