Chat features

Korredo has a basic chat functionality with the following features:

  • Rooms
  • No user account is needed (but friendly names for users can be configured)
  • Capture desktop screenshots and sending them very easily to interlocutors
  • Basic image editor for screenshots with the possibility to add arrows, rectangles, and text
  • Search through past conversation
  • Buble notifications when Korredo is minimized.
  • Flash of Korredo window when is not on top and a message is received.
  • Emoticons
  • Offline messages (Apache server required)
  • Each user gets a different color
  • Multiple conversations supported in parallel using tabs
  • Check marks for each message, similar with what’s up: message sent, seen, sent as offline, failed to send.

The idea of the chat plugin is to have a simple way of communication between team members with an easy way of sending screenshots with basic editing(arrows, text). The entire communication is based on machine names.

In order to have support for online messages, the scripts from the PHP folder should be copied to an Apache server. Then the server URL should be configured in settings. The following PHP files are required by the chat plugin for the offline functionality:

  • getchat.php – gets the offline messages from a specific user (after the offline message is fetched, it will be deleted)
  • getchats.php – gets the list of users that left offline messages for the current user.
  • savechat.php – saves an offline message in a file.

The conversation can be cleared at any time and they are stored in the Conversations folder in plain text. Please note that the offline messages are kept in files in the Apache server and anyone can read them. There is no encryption mechanism and no sensible data should be transmitted using the chat.

By default, Korredo is using the machine name as username. You can configure a friendly name for each machine in the settings section (tab Known hosts).

In order to chat with someone, you need to add his machine name to the known host table.

In case someone contacts you and the machine is not on your known hosts table, the machine name is automatically added. You can add then a friendly name later on.

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