Checklist features (or Wiki)

As a developer, you have sometimes to follow a series of rules, especially when it’s about the user interface. For this kind of situations, Korredo can help you to define checklists with title, description, and image.

The checklist tab has 3 zones

  • Left area: contains the checklists
  • Middle area: contains the items for the selected checklist (each item has a checkbox)
  • Right area: contains the description and image for the selected item
A simple checklist plugin that uses a web server to fetch the content.

In order to have support for these checklists, you must install the following php scripts to an Apache server:

  • savefile.php – contains the logic to save checklists
  • upload.php – contains the logic to upload image files for a checklist item
  • checklists.txt – the file that stores the checklist names (this files needs write permissions for Apache)

The URL where these files are installed needs to be properly configured in the Settings form, the field Site URL (no ending / is required)

Add a new checklist

To add a new checklist, access the contextual menu in the left pane, and select New checklist. You will be prompted to enter the name. After the name is introduced, a new text file will be created at the Site URL address (from settings).

Edit checklist names (left pane)

To edit the names of the checklists, you need to manually edit the checklists.txt file from the server.

Add new item to a checklist

To add a new item, access the contextual menu from the middle pane and select New Item. A form will be opened and you need to enter a title, a description, and an optional image. The image can be easily taken with the Korredo’s  capture screen feature, and then can be edited to add arrows or text:


Edit items for a checklist

An item from a checklist can be edited by accessing the contextual menu Edit item. The image can be replaced by selecting another image.

The corresponding JSON file for a checklist can be edited using the contextual menu Edit checklist from the left pane.


Korredo keeps locally a cache for the checklists from the Apache server and it will check from time to time if anything changed.

In case new or deleted items are detected, then all users that are using the Korredo GUI application will be notified about these events. The cache can be refreshed by accessing the option Clear cache from the Options menu.

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