What is Korredo?

If you have a lot of integration tests that take a significant amount of time to run, then Korredo comes in handy. Before actually committing the source code, you can run your tests on other machines while you can continue working on something else.

Depending on how many agents are installed, Korredo will split the tests evenly and will run them in parallel. As soon as a test is run, you will have feedback and see in real-time what is failing and with what exceptions. Before using Korredo, you must compile your source files/project(s).

What does Korredo behind the scene:

  1. Copies the folder(s) the user configures to the packages folder inside Korredo.
  2. Creates a list of tests by scanning the assembly files configured by user.
  3. Using the above list assigns evenly a sublist of tests for each available and selected agent
  4. Creates an archive with the above package (this archive contains one or more folders, assembly files, executables, and other resources)
  5. Sends the archive to all selected agents (in parallel) and enqueue the package to the each agent’s queue for execution
  6. Runs the steps you configured on package level (including the step to run tests) on each agent.
  7. Receives feedback in real time about running tests from agents
  8. Receives output in real time about each step from agents.
  9. Receive artifacts from agents when a build finishes.

A short demonstration of running tests in parallel on two agents using the wizard:

Supported test runners:

Besides these runners, Korredo supports also the following step types: custom scripts, command and text replace.

Auto run builds

A package can be configured to watch for file changes and when something is detected, an automatic run is triggered. This feature might be useful when you need a feedback from your tests very often and you do not want to automatically run the tests in Visual Studio for performance reasons. More details here

Other features:

  • Chat: with rooms, capture desktop and send images, emoticons, search. No accounts are necessary
  • Checklist: create/edit checklists with images, shared across a team, with notifications when items are added/removed

No server or database installation is required.

Two executables are part of the Korredo installer: Korredo.App.exe and Korredo.WindowsService.exe. The first one is the GUI and the second one is the windows service for agents. The GUI app can run packages initiated by other GUI apps.

Screenshot from Korredo:


For questions, opinions or support please visit the forum section or the contact page